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44 West 69th St,

New York, NY 10023,  USA



Self Love & Self Worth 

so you will never say again

"but I should be happy"


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9 Step Self Love System

New York Award Program Honors the Achievement of Self Love Coach & Mentor - Nicola Fernandes

Thank you so much! I really appreciate you all supporting me, letting me support you, and help you grow.

It feels great to be so recognized for all this beautiful transformation you are helping me to support.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to see you all flourish in your life and find Self Love and for helping me find Self Love. 
I am so looking forward for many more years of success. Love you ALL!!

Get the key to Happiness through accessing

and elevating your Self Love and Self Worth

Is your lack of Self Love & Self Worth

not allowing you to be happy?
Even though life is "good"?

Do you find yourself
-> fearing the unknown in regards to your purpose
-> feeling like you “should” be happy with your life?
-> lacking clarity about how to grow in your life

and your business

I have been there, deep down and full on.
Yet I know there is a way out. I know you deserve the full radiance you came here for. I have connected to it and lived it... and so can You!

Are you ready to connect to Self Love & Self Worth,

Happiness every Moment?

Get my Free

9 Step Self Love System

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What clients are sharing:





"Choosing Nicola as a spiritual coach was one of the best decision I've made on my spiritual journey. I've been working with Nicola for 6 months now and have been making tremendous progress in healing. Nicola provides loving guidance through her coaching sessions and her shaman sessions provides clarity and deep energetic cleansing to support me in my journey. I always feel love, light and warmth after I leave one of her sessions. She really takes care of her clients! Nicola emphasizes on teaching her clients and giving them tools to be strong on their own. I am forever grateful to have met Nicola on my path." 

Annie W.

"I met Nicola at a healing circle and was immediately drawn to her loving light, without knowing anything about her. Since, I've worked with Nicola in Angel healing, Munay Ki and in Shaman sessions, all of which helped me on my own journey and all amazing experiences. Nicola is loving, encouraging and eager to share her gifts so we may discover our own. What a gift to us all! ❤️🙏🏼"