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👉We help high achievers overcome past trauma, release subconscious programming and 💎 be their Best Self 🌟 aligned with abundant success in the 4 core pillars of life - through our MSAM Method.

So you can say: "I am happy with who I am and proud of the impact I'm making!"
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New York Award Program Honors the Achievement of Self-Love Coach & Mentor - Nicola Fernandes in 2024 for 6 consecutive years!

Thank you so much! I really appreciate you all supporting me, letting me support you, and helping you grow.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to see you all flourish in your life and find Self Love and for helping me find Self Love. 

I am so looking forward to many more years of success. Love you ALL!!

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You keep looking outside yourself for answers + validation + the "right" next step on the path to happiness.

So you never say again 'but I should be happy'!

Do you find that:
  • you are not connected to your kids or disconnected from your partner
  • as a result of stress, having health-related issues
  • spending money and time trying to find the answers to happiness?
Is all of this making you:
  • feel lost, unfulfilled, not happy, unable to trust yourself?
  • feel guilty about the choices you have made, feel angry at yourself for mistakes?
  • left wondering why do I have so much and yet feel I don't deserve it?
  • fearful of continuing to live this way? 
You see, having had a traumatic family experience that pushed me beyond my resources and a relationship breakdown, I can appreciate how hard it can be to find the right help and the answers to happiness when on the outside it all looks perfect.
As I was at a low point, I knew I had to find true happiness. That led me to spend 10 plus years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to master the process for myself. This process has become my life mission to help others. Now I have a track record of helping 100s of people for the last five years finding true self-love.

So if this makes sense to you, then we have
3 steps to your desired outcome:

  • Step 1 is you book a free clarity session to identify where you want to be, where you're at, what's holding you back, and what it's going to feel like when you get there.earful of continuing to live this way? 
  • Step 2 is you decide to book the Self-Love mentorship or Heart-centered Success Program, and dive deep into the Secret to Self-Love & Success.
  • And Step 3 is you continue with your new way of being.
So If that's of interest to you then book a call here, just click on this link

Are you ready to let go of all the reasons to make yourself small and

instead become the Joyful You, excited about what life has in store for you?

Then this is right for you!

At Self-Love with Nicola we help you:
  • heal heartbreak & past trauma
  • be successful as well as heart-centered 
  • be your Best Self aligned with abundance on all levels
  • know who you are
  • dig deeper into your purpose
  • feel connected to yourself and therefore your partner and family
  • make worrying and guilt a thing of the past
  • feel deep joy and satisfaction with your life

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"Choosing Nicola as a spiritual coach was one of the best decision I've made on my spiritual journey. I've been working with Nicola for 6 months now and have been making tremendous progress in healing. Nicola provides loving guidance through her coaching sessions and her shaman sessions provides clarity and deep energetic cleansing to support me in my journey. I always feel love, light and warmth after I leave one of her sessions. She really takes care of her clients! Nicola emphasizes on teaching her clients and giving them tools to be strong on their own. I am forever grateful to have met Nicola on my path."

Annie W.

"I met Nicola at a healing circle and was immediately drawn to her loving light, without knowing anything about her. Since, I've worked with Nicola in Angel healing, Munay Ki and in Shaman sessions, all of which helped me on my own journey and all amazing experiences. Nicola is loving, encouraging and eager to share her gifts so we may discover our own. What a gift to us all! ❤️🙏🏼"

Marilyn Zagha-Keeshan

"What would you say is the biggest result for you in working with Nicola? Everything we did in our sessions has transformed my life tremendously. The timeline jumping, going back on different timelines was the most beneficial.  The biggest result is how confident I have become. I am a completely different person.   Those sessions give me the willpower needed to take control of my life and make the needed changes Thank you so much "


"“Nicola is a great teacher who combines ancient wisdom with modern approaches”"

Nina Stromann
Founder of Coconut Life®️

""Where do I begin? To meet this amazing soul has truly transformed my life in such little time. At a time when I thought everything was impossible and felt completely down in the depths of darkness, I somehow was led to Nicola. What was a Shaman? Who is a Shaman? I had not a clue (LOL)…but knew that she was placed in my life for a reason. Skepticism overtook me in the beginning, but she amazed me every time I silently questioned how our sessions would be or what she could teach me. I know when working with Nicola everyone’s journey will be unique to them, but I will say with Nicola in your life you will feel that unstoppable feeling you never thought was possible for you. I could go on and on about my time with her, so for now, just know I am finally excited about life again with a toolbelt full of brand-new tools to forge ahead. Blessed!!!""

Giselle Samson

"The first thing that came to my mind is PEACE. I am in a greater sense of peace and calm than I ever was before working with you. The state of peace opens the door for joy, happiness, being in the flow, and an overall deeper connection to myself and spirit. It allows me to slow down and be calm to allow for all these wonderful things that are available. "


"Connecting to my soul. I am so grateful for the tools you taught me during our 6 months of working together. You made a big positive impact on my life."

Sonia, CA

"Learning how to Love myself was definitely huge. As well as learning to create space for me.... make myself first. Before I would have thought that's a selfish thing to do, making myself first, yet it led me to surplus and abundance in all areas. So happy and grateful to be with Nicola, her support & her energy!"

Pippa, NY

"I think the biggest gift I received from working with Nicola is knowing,  without a doubt, I am good, worthy, blessed beyond comprehension and my presence in the world is necessary. I am not defined by whatever I do or by how others perceive me. "

Laura, Pennslyvania

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