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How to Dance as a Spiritual Master

Uncategorized Nov 10, 2021
Have you ever thought:
How do I do this life?
How do I know what to focus on when?
When to let go?
When to give gas?
When to be vulnerable?
When to be brave and gutsy?
You know I have spent so many years, so many countless hours, workshops, seminars, trainings to filter out how to, in the shortest amount of time, really shift, transform, reach Alchemical Mastery. And in that process I definitely became a different person and I have so many downloads and I know very clearly what needs to be done.
Yet, what I've seen is, it's a dance. It's a dance between the computerized version where our body, our mind is a computer and you can shift in a very short amount of time things.
And at the same time that person needing a little bit to grow into it. It's kind of like upgrading your phone and skipping the different stages. It has to get used to it. And how do we get used to it? By letting go that, besides reprogramming that computer we also have to let go energetically of different stuff that we took on, different heaviness's.
Giving them back, letting them go, allowing ourselves, giving ourselves permission that we don't have to carry it all for others.
And in that energetic giving away, claiming Joy, compassion and Self Love for ourselves. Because we are not here to just be a computer that's gets reprogrammed.
We are here to live in joy and enjoy what we are living.
So it's that dance between reprogramming, letting go, filling up and actually practicing living that.
That's what I see so often is missing in the whole healing - mastering healing world. That you learn it, you get that high and then you crash.
You need to practice that!
You need to stay in that!
Make sure you stay in a community that really brings that to you.
And how do you do that?
Find a community. If you feel called if you feel aligned, we are starting November 3rd, a five month program of that kind of community.
I will train you to be a spiritual coach, getting all the tools at the same time the coaching in the group as well as 1:1 sessions.
So you can truly practice being that new being, as You. We inform your computer as you let go of energies, as you call in new energies, as you live in that compassion for yourself and others. You transform to an alchemical master, if that feels right to you book a free session, application only. I love you.
Many blessings, Nicola
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