Claim your Joy, reclaim your life!


Get your path to Self Mastery & Manifesting:

Become Magnetic in attracting Miracles, be in the flow and

live the abundant, fulfilled & self expressed life you deserve

Does this sound familiar?

+ Are you frustrated about your path of life?

+ Do you feel uncertain how to reach your goals?

+ Do you feel alone in your spiritual growth?

+ Do you feel self-doubt of who you truly are?

+ Do you feel uncertain about what you're guided to do?

And would you rather be here?

+ connecting to your Healed Self & knowing Self-LOVE

+ No more trying to be perfect or people pleasing

+ healing your old story & claim your Worth

+ shifting from comparison trap into being guided by your intuition

Getting & Staying in the flow of the Joyful You!

Joyful You is closed! But join the waitlist & get notified as soon as it opens!

I Want on The Waitlist!

Trust me, I get it!

You keep looking outside yourself for answers + validation + the "right" next step on the path to happiness.

So you never say again 'but I should be happy! What happened to Joy in my life?'

That was me for the longest time. Until I got it.

Until I discovered that the core and the key to my Happiness is finding the Joyful ME!

I kept looking outside myself for answers + validation + the "right" next step on the path to happiness.

And when I went through my own 9 Step Self Love Process of

Me validating Me,

Me seeing Me,

Me mothering Me,

Me being there for Me,

is actually what opened up everything and led me to Joy, Peace and Abundance.

And now I want to give that to you!

You can be Joyfully You!

You deserve the joyful life!

You are worth it!


Your time is Now!

Your life is Now!

You are here for a purpose Now!

I believe in quantum leaps and I believe in you! 

Life is here to be joyful, it’s your birthright. You can do this, if this is what you want: Claim your joy & reclaim your Life!

Walk with me, as we let go of the old and embrace the new, your vision, your longing, your belonging, and especially: Joy from a higher soul frequency!

Joy in being you, because YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Join me: 

18 Wednesdays

To release,


Create and

Practice who you are in Joy!

Are you up for it? Are you ready to claim your birthright?

  • Laugh and cry with us, as we heal your parent story
  • Release with us as we tackle the 4 major limiting beliefs - the ones specifically that hold you back from Joy and living life full out
  • Connect with us to your own body wisdom
  • Find out what you really came here to learn this lifetime
  • Get your own answer in how to life this life in the best version of yourself
  • Connect to & practice living from your Intuition, the Power that resides in all of us!
  • Bring joyful pleasure back into your life, you deserve it!
  • Embody the most joyful version of the FUTURE you NOW!
  • Practice living the abundant & joyful life of your dreams
  • Be heard, be seen & feel belonging in a loving community
  • Be guided by your own Higher Self and Spirit on this higher soul frequency

Because in the End: love heals all and love is all there is

Are you ready to connect?

Are you ready to live from Joy, and claim your desires?

We start May 5th, 2021

18 Wednesdays of the path to Joyfully Me!

18 live training modules of 60 min in a higher soul frequency

18 live virtual group calls with only 15 participants

18 weeks of replays & workbooks in membership site

18 weeks of community & belonging

4 major limiting beliefs to be released

1 lifetime of Joy to claim



Nicola helped me through a very challenging physical, mental and emotional time with spiritual medicine. Through it I realized who I was, finding me, seeing, feeling, connecting to my strength. I did all that in a very short amount of time, less than a year. That comes from surrounding yourself with people who have spiritual strength.
Now I am one strong woman, being through what I went through and coming out on the other side. And I am wiser, stronger and more vulnerable than I was before. And my 5 year also thanks Nicola, we are a team now, she is the first person I ask. So thank you so much. I could not have done it without you.
Geri Massott

What a blessing to find and work with Nicola. She is an amazingly gifted Shaman, who has the ability to get to the root of your problems quickly. Her environment and aura are bright, positive and loving. A very safe space to open up to a higher level of therapy, and change the course of your life. She is extremely intuitive, and knows which invaluable tools will be useful for the enhancement of your life... books, visions and/or self loving mantras. If she does disagree with you, she will let you know in the kindest way, so don’t expect her to agree with things that have not previously worked for you. That is why you’re here, and she has an initial meeting to see if this will work...for both of you. My therapy with Nicola has totally changed my life, and I feel so blessed and thankful to have found her. I always felt like she genuinely cared about me, and was sincere in wanting to make this life and me better. I now feel clearer, lighter and more radiant of pure love than I have ever felt. I am most definitely healthier spiritually than I have ever been. I truly love her, and I am eternally grateful she is a part of my life.

Kim H.

Nicola radiates pure light and you can feel it deeply when you connect with her crystal blue eyes. She is a beautiful angel and I am so deeply thankful for her guidance.
Nicola led me to the purest part of myself and that is within. With her guidance through her coaching sessions there is a complete freedom to truly listen to oneself. Nicola understands what you need in order to move forward and be free. Because of her guidance I healed in such a beautiful way. She helped me let go of what no longer served me, hear the truth and listen to the truth.
There is an undeniable peace during her shamanic sessions. Nicola leads you to a place of genuine love and understanding within yourself. She brings you back to your core being. I always felt absolutely amazing after the sessions physically and emotionally.
Thank you Nicola! So much love!

Cassandra Jewel

I joined the Joyful You! program with Nicola, because I lacked confidence in my creative abilities and was struggling with finances.

The process helped me examine my beliefs about myself and and my place in the world.

As a result of the course I was able to tap into a greater source of inspiration and totally change the way I create. I was able to take bigger risks and the results are paying off. I learned to value myself and take better care of myself financially. I learned to speak up for myself and "show up".

My life has changed: I find more joy. I am rarely unhappy. I enjoy checking in with myself.


“Nicola is a great teacher who combines ancient wisdom with modern approaches”

Nina Stromann

The fist step to living a joyful life is:

To give yourself permission to get support (because otherwise you would have done it already by yourself)

In Joyful You! Claim your Joy - reclaim your life! You will receive weekly Modules & Training accompanied with 9 live group Q&A sessions. We will be meeting online where you will be personally guided through the processes and have all your questions personally answered by me. Are you excited to be Joyfully YOU! Wholesome, abundant and excited about life?


By Registering now, you will receive:

18 Wednesdays of the path to Joyfully Me!

18 live training modules of 60 min

18 live virtual group calls with only 15 participants

18 weeks of community

18 weeks of belonging

4 major limiting beliefs to be released

1 lifetime of Joy to claim

Join Joyful You! Now 

Get ready to claim your joy & reclaim your life!


What are you waiting for? You know everything is energy, it’s time to let go of the old and being the person you came here to be: Joyfully You! 

Joyful You starts May 5th, 2020. So hurry, act now!

You are done doing life the difficult way OR put up with a life your soul knows isn’t true for you.

A new reality is waiting for you and I am here to show you how to claim that joyful life, the one you know exists, yet you could not get to it by yourself. Now is the time to trust that voice within, and decide to live life aligned and joyful!

You are meant for this Beloved, so hurry up and claim your spot in Joyful You!


Joyful You is closed! But join the waitlist and get notified the moment it reopens!

Do you ever feel that you're working really hard to get what you want?

It can seem like nothing worth having comes without struggle. Like we have to make things happen. Feeling good becomes an afterthought.

Or maybe you've been taught to think you must suffer and struggle to be worthy of happiness & joy - and if you let yourself be joyful, it will be taken away from you. 

I remember those feelings so clearly.

I believe I created the struggle, by not believing I deserved it - every day I woke up in a panic of what would happen today.

Till I said: ENOUGH! And I sat myself out on the path to live life with Joy.

So I went on a mission to uncover these abilities within myself and harness them to clear away all the doubt and disbelief that stood in my way.

I found the method to Manifesting JOY... and some hard truths along the way.

Manifesting JOY isn't about having complete control or satisfying our short-term desires. It isn't even about getting what we think we want (stay with me here). It's about receiving in JOY what is the highest good for all.

Have More Questions?

On May 5th, 2021, you will receive an acceleration package to help you prepare for our beautiful time together. Then, starting May 19th, 2021 we will meet every Wednesday @ 1pm EDT for 18 weeks. You'll get to join a zoom live video call with Nicola on the Joyful You. Each week builds on the last to help you master the skill — one step at a time. You'll have a login for an online portal containing the replay, video lesson, divine assignment as well as the guide- and work book. (the portal is accessible till Oct 10th, 2021)😉

You can also join the private Facebook Community to connect with me and the other Joyful You! participants. 

You'll have access to the content in this portal till Oct 10th, 2021 - giving you plenty of time to complete the work if you need a few extra weeks.

The Joyful You 2.0 non-refundable. I believe so deeply in miracles you're about to receive, and urge you to enroll with a commitment to seeing the training through.

It is a great fit for you if you are desiring to be the true you, to let go of what's not working, willing to change, and ready to show up as yourself.

It is 5 months. We have weekly live calls and you can access the replays via the membership portal. 

The 18 live videos will be delivered on zoom. The replays, video lessons, divine assignments and workbook will be delivered in the online portal on so you can take the challenge without joining the private Facebook group. Each week is delivered as a live as well as video recording from me, so you'll have me guiding you every step of the way.

However all of the interaction with other challenge participants will take place in the Facebook group and I may also supplement the core lessons with posts. It really depends on your preference: some people love interacting with other participants on the Facebook group, while others prefer to keep it simple and just stick to having me guiding them daily.

Yes! The course is perfect for you even if you already know how to manifest & create your life - Joyful You! is a whole other ballgame and there are so many nuggets in our course, you want to get! Each weekly Live builds on my foundational guidance for any level in your growth—newbie or seasoned pro! Additionally, the support in the Facebook group offers contributions from all levels.

A lot of times we aren't truly clear on what manifesting really is. This can cause a lot of frustration and, sadly, push so many to give up on manifesting. With the right foundation of understanding and guidance, everyone can Manifest Joy; that's the whole goal of the Joyful You! course. I've laid out each week to build on the previous one and developed supporting exercises to truly uncover each step, in the right order, at the right time. So no matter how many times you've tried, you will have the support you need to approach it the best way from now on. And remember … sometimes not seeing results is a sign all on its own. (We'll go over that further in the challenge too!)