Self Love Coach & Mentor Nicola Fernandes is among a very small group of companies that have won the New York Award for five consecutive years. This distinction has qualified Self Love Coach & Mentor Nicola Fernandes for the 2023 New York Business Hall of Fame.

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Self Love Coach & Mentor Nicola Fernandes Receives 2023 New York Award

New York Award Program Honors the Achievement


February 9, 2023 -- Self Love Coach & Mentor Nicola Fernandes has been selected for the 2023 New York Award in the Life Coach category by the New York Award Program.

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Anna H

I had just begun working on self-compassion (I finally realized it was an area to work on!) and wanted support to deepen that work as I'm stepping into creating a more authentic coaching practice.

Now after working with Nicola I am more grounded in my body, more empowered in my relationships, more trusting of my inner child, more committed to myself!

I feel more confident, self-connected, and grounded than before - particularly to my lower chakras.

My biggest learnings & insights in the work with Nicola concerning myself are:

1. That if I desire to believe in myself, the way to do that is to simply decide to!

2. That I can stand up for myself with confidence and in my relationships and it doesn't have to look like throwing a tantrum.

3. Shifting from a powerless to an empowered mindset by seeing every challenge or trauma as an opportunity for learning and growth.

I've connected in a much deeper way with my inner child, got greater clarity about where I'm going next with my business, and got my partner's divorce process rolling into action!

With all this I enjoy Nicola's warmth, enthusiasm, and guidance toward a positive and empowered direction. Thank you so much for being my guide!"

Christopher Rebetti

Before the course I was very doubtful of myself.

Through the Money Loves You course I have more clients for my real estate business. I also have control over what my mind tends to believe about money.

I learned a lot through the eye gazing, the coming within myself, and had great insights in releasing limiting beliefs.

My biggest win through the course was more money and clients coming into my life.


This course seemed like such a wonderful opportunity to touch further on some things we had touched upon in a previous class. I was so happy that you presented the opportunity and didn't have to think twice to take it!

This course is deep and I still feel like there is so much more to be learned. I did see how easy it can be when you are in flow with money, but it is really way beyond money. Money may be the conduit that moves us forward in some ways, but it is more a messenger for the bigger picture.

I have seen my relationship with money develop over time. There is knowing now that I didn't possess before.

My biggest win through the course was

  1. make money your friend and teacher,

  2. live your life grand and free,

  3. there really are no limits other than those we have have self imposed and which we can break free from. It is all there for us!!

I have learned new tools to release what no longer serves me.

The money game, eye gazing, seeing what is beyond the fear and self imposed limits and connecting more with that future self and all that you know to be true.

Dana, NY

Nicola shows you that anything is truly possible.

After every session of The New Joyful You Alchemical Mastery Program I felt better and lighter in many ways, and this stayed with me over the course of the program and beyond. 

Throughout the program you begin to see that positive change can actually be an easy process!  The weekly meetings were a commitment to myself and a continuous reminder that I can create the life I want to live. 

I always looked forward to our sessions and it is so nice to be held in the loving energy of a group. 

PS: Thank you for being you and showing me what is truly possible and that there are no limits to what can be achieved!!  I am so excited for you and all that you are achieving. You are an amazing example of stepping into your grandness!!

Eckhart J

"I wasn’t fully happy, not sleeping well, didn't understand my anger, wanted to better my self to have a better relationship with my girl.

Ultimately wanted to understand my self better.

Im a Complete different person now:

I truly understand my self better which was my goal. Therefore I have more Work life balance, I worked too much hahaha, now I work hard but also take the Time away from work as serious as well.

My biggest insights from being mentored by Nicola are

  1. Accepting my power and not suppressing it,

  2. connecting with my inner child to re write old believes

  3. accepting others and that my level isn't everyones else's and that ok.

  4. Find the way that connect more with spirit so everything flows easier.

My biggest win:

Understanding my self, my main goal in this journey.

I really enjoyed with Nicola that she very down to earth, easy to talk to, bringing different perspective to things, a life mentor type of feeling to her.

Everything was perfect ...

Thank you Nicola for everything amazing journey, our path will definitely cross again :)"

Jill H

"Prior to working with Nicola is was really focused on my journey of romance and finding a partner. While this remains important, what I've come to realize is that I was anxious, questioning myself, ruminating in past relationships, and not focusing (and fully appreciating) on the joy that exists within my current everyday existence.

Working with Nicola has empowered me to view my life (past, present, and future) and reframe the narrative surrounding negative thoughts. I have been given the gift to "recall" situations from my childhood and as a result, have a better understanding of why I perceive(d) things as I do (did). This superpower has given me permission to be more forgiving of myself as well as the ability to feel confident that "it will all work out"!

While still a work in progress, I may confidently say that my outlook on the future is more positive. Armed with the ability to walk the "timeline of my life" and also embrace the knowledge that I have many angels looking out for me is both comforting and calming. I genuinely have a more peaceful "spirit" knowing that I am being led to what's meant for me.

My biggest wins since starting with Nicola are:

  1. Being able to visualize the happy and beautiful life that I have ahead of me.

  2.  Being able to talk to both my past and future self in an effort to calm myself and reframe narratives.

This has been a wonderful experience! I am able to be remarkably vulnerable with Nicola. Her positive and loving vibration creates a safe and relaxing space where both my heart and subconscious are able to fully release and be healed. At the completion of every session, with Nicola, I am more in tune with my spiritual self and my angels. I also feel "lighter" and more joyful than when I started the session."

Shemethia D

"Nicola helped me in Embracing and healing my inner child and tapping into my spiritual gifts.

During our work together I got more confident, more joyful and I feel absolutely amazing.

Nicola was the guidance that helped me come out of the cave. I was in hermit mode for so long.

I especially loved the different techniques to heal and felt our sessions were phenomenal.

My biggest learning was to realize how powerful I am.

My biggest win since starting with Nicola was falling in love with myself!"


"Self love: Nicola has been guiding me through it, assuring me that, really, there is really no other way.  Intellectually, I became clearer about the concept, grew more confident that it was at reach. And then it clicked, I felt it so deeply in my core. In my heart there is now so much love and space. I feel Joy and Peace! I remind myself that It is a practice, not a finish line and thanks to Nicola I have my tools to help me grow."

Giselle Samson

"Where do I begin? To meet this amazing soul has truly transformed my life in such little time. At a time when I thought everything was impossible and felt completely down in the depths of darkness, I somehow was led to Nicola. What was a Shaman? Who is a Shaman? I had not a clue (LOL)…but knew that she was placed in my life for a reason. Skepticism overtook me in the beginning, but she amazed me every time I silently questioned how our sessions would be or what she could teach me. I know when working with Nicola everyone’s journey will be unique to them, but I will say with Nicola in your life you will feel that unstoppable feeling you never thought was possible for you. I could go on and on about my time with her, so for now, just know I am finally excited about life again with a toolbelt full of brand-new tools to forge ahead. Blessed!!!"

Jordan C.

"I was in a very deep hurtful state of mind. I had no motivation and energy to take the necessary steps to better myself. My relationships, especially my marriage was suffering deeply as a result. 

The time working with Nicola has led me to get to know and understand myself in a way that I never thought possible. As I write this, I’m in the process of recovering, dealing with a separation from my wife, but I have the confidence that I can get through it and come out of this better. I’m better equipped to deal with life’s challenges and have so much more confidence in myself and understanding of what makes me happy. I am finally working in a serious capacity in several jobs, all of which I enjoy. I am implementing the things recommended by Nicola during the process into my life and am experiencing immense satisfaction as a result.

It’s hard to begin to explain the impact I feel it’s given me in regards to my connection with spirit. I have such a deep understanding of how things happen for a reason and as they were meant to. There’s no coincidence to me that the most turbulent life situations have arisen during the time of my work with Nicola. I know there is a higher being that led me to her so I could understand the meaning and have the ability to deal with and accept it. 

My biggest wins since starting with Nicola are:

1. That most of the thinking and personality traits associated with your unhappiness can be traced back to a certain life event or experience that caused you to subconsciously develop characteristics as a way of dealing with it.

2. Another big insight was the realization that I allowed others to influence me into not following my passions and experiencing failure as a result. 

3. For you to experience love from others you must first love yourself. It is the most essential ingredient. Worrying about what others think and committing your life to only pleasing others leads to so much emotional baggage that will only manifest into problems in your relationships. Her teachings have given an understanding and process for how to locate, accept, and begin healing all of the above. 

I enjoy having someone like Nicola who is so understanding and aware of any pain or beliefs that are impacting you negatively. I am so amazed at how every time she has an intuition about there being a life experience or event that caused a deep imprinted emotional impact, and her ability to help you find what exactly it was."


"I started working with Nicola because there were so many areas in my life where I felt I lacked confidence and needed guidance. I am starting a new career and felt uncertain about my ability to find a job and start it, but while working with Nicola I was able to confidently go on an interview and land the job. I also wanted to work on relationships and Nicola has opened up my eyes to many things that have held me back in the past and has helped me work through these things. Working with Nicola each week has given me tools that I can use each day. I feel that I can rely more on myself to get through obstacles because I now have a "toolbox" to use when in need. My life has changed so much because I've started to look at things differently and think in a new way. There is still work that I am looking forward to doing with Nicola, but I am confident in her abilities to help me work on myself."



"Prior to meeting Nicola I had no idea how to make myself a priority in life. I had been used to putting everyone and everything before my own well-being, and it was having detrimental effects not only on my relationships but on my body. I had no idea how much capacity I had to appreciate myself and love myself before meeting Nicola. I no longer feel guilty to take time for myself. I feel lighter and more powerful since working with Nicola, as if a huge load has been lifted from my shoulders. There is a natural light that emanates from Nicola and you feel this from the very first moment that you meet her, and she helps you bring out the light from inside your own being."

Judith Halbreich

"I participated in the Integrated Energy Therapy's Steps to Transformation I & II in addition to a Goddess Weekend in Spain. The experiences were so powerful that it promoted health and well-being to a marvelous place... happiness.
Nicola is an example of divine love. She is present, very perceptive, and intuitive which makes my transformation an easier process and her direction adds depth to my other spiritual practice. Love her."

Anke Jacobs

"I was searching for a Shaman Therapy experience to heal my stress-induced illness and find more balance in my life. I was so lucky to find Nicola. She was amazing in every way. Just meeting her for the first time, I realized that there was something very special about Nicola - like a light radiating from her. She listened carefully and I felt very relaxed in her presence. The therapy session was a very positive experience and I left feeling lighter and transformed.
Nicola is truly passionate and committed to her work and I can highly recommend her."

Liza Pullman

"I have used Nicola for Self Exploration, Angel Healing, and TimeLine Services. Her extensive training in multiple mediums makes her remarkably powerful as a coach, healer, and teacher. Through her, I have been able to release the emotions attached to old wounds, find balance and harmony and acquire tools to use to deepen my own spiritual practice. I look forward to our continued work together."


"My husband died 6 years and 5 months ago. A friend suggested that I see Nicola. Shortly, before leaving for my appointment, I said to my friend “I feel fine. I don’t have anything to tell her.” I couldn’t have been more wrong. I didn’t have anything to tell her because I had so thoroughly repressed my sorrow.
From the minute I met Nicola I felt at ease. We sat and spoke. Nicola meditated in a trance and received direction. She described the situation.
Nicola’s work with me has made a profound difference. The result: I had not ‘saged’ my apartment in 6 years and 5 months for fear of letting go of my husband’s spirit. Today I mediated, saged the apartment, asked if he wanted to tell me anything, threw the cards, and received my answer.
I can’t thank Nicola enough for where she has taken me. I am very grateful for her gentleness, compassion, and skill."

Jai Hudson

"When my mother passed away suddenly, I didn't know how I would make sense of it all and move forward. I was angry, I was confused. The source lead me to Nicola. Nicola connected with my soul to soul saw my pain and saw me. I am healing and pursuing my soul's purpose. I owe part of my newfound sense of self-love and power to her. She held my hand while I discovered me.... Source....and Unconditional love for self. Thank you, Nicola. I am eternally grateful."

Misa Hylton

"Nicola is truly a healer. She has touched my life in a profound way. Her connection to Spirit brings great wisdom and truth. Through her work, I have come into alignment. I am filled with gratitude."

Mia Darling Ibáñez Risso

"Nicola has been a gift in my life journey from the moment I called her in tears to this present day as she is always consistently expressing love, healing, inspired upliftment, cleansing joy, and radiating with an earnest heart. Throughout our sessions together, she has incorporated her multimodal training and in-depth knowledge of Shamanic therapy, angel healing, soul retrieval, timeline practices, alignment of the chakras, removal of energies that don´t serve me anymore, and life coaching. These awakenings are only touching the surface of her transformational and beautiful work."

Mary Porcino

"Nicola is an amazing coach. She never fails to tune in right to the places where I am stuck and helps me uncover new and empowered ways to look at my problems. I have been able to make some very helpful changes in my life and to feel hopeful about challenging areas where I thought I could not find happiness, success, or contentment. She is warm, smart, and strong. She asks questions that are relevant and that challenge me - so that I begin to see my life in new, fresh ways. She is comfortable with my emotions and helps me stay on track until I have come to a better, stronger place. I feel lucky to have found Nicola. I feel that she really cares about me and also that she has the skill and tools to help me move forward. I hope to be working with her for many sessions to come.”

Dennis Buck

"Four months ago, I went to Nicola, on the advice of my doctor. I knew nothing about shamanism but I had tried many techniques, scientific and spiritual, to recreate myself. Her comforting yet powerful work reached through the layers of outside and inside forces that I now see differently. She taught me how to discern the issues that plagued me from those that take me forward. I can state, unequivocally, that

work with Nicola has advanced my awareness one hundredfold.

If you are holding fears, then this is the person to deal with them, safely and productively. She is amazing."

Melina Weir

"Nicola is fabulous! She is one of the best energy healers I've seen. She is warm and caring and the sense of release and peace I experienced during treatment stayed with me for quite a while afterward. Highly recommend."


"Chiti Kundalini/Nicola is an amazing shaman and a truly transformational coach. Before our healing sessions, my life lacked direction, I was frequently depressed and I had little to no awareness of life outside my thoughts. Through combining coaching sessions with shamanic healings, I was able to let go of limiting beliefs, send loved ones to the Light, and get in contact with the awareness of the Divinity within me. I wish everyone would get access to the clarity and vision that has so profoundly impacted my day to day living since my sessions with Shaman Nicola Fernandes."

Dr. Karen Erickson

"Nicola Fernandes is a real healer's healer. She brings a crystal clear, heart-centered energy to the transformational work she does as a coach and shaman. I have referred many of my patients to her, to rave reviews."


 "Nicola helped me through a very challenging physical, mental and emotional time with spiritual medicine. Through it I realized who I was, finding me, seeing, feeling, connecting to my strength. I did all that in a very short amount of time, less than a year. That comes from surrounding yourself with people who have spiritual strength.

Now I am one strong woman, being through what I went through and coming out on the other side. And I am wiser, stronger and more vulnerable than I was before. And my 5 year also thanks Nicola, we are a team now, she is the first person I ask. So thank you so much. I could not have done it without you."

Client from New York

"One of the many takeaways from today is how much impact working with you ... how things were one way for so long and then they shift so effortlessly and it is so huge, and at the same time so seamless that you easily slip into a new way of being without even noticing. You just become something new, or rather something even closer to source. I imagine it is like a caterpillar who becomes a butterfly. One moment it is energy in one form and then it is energy in another form and it is seamless and it is like it has always been that way. Like a homecoming of some sort, a welcoming into the arms of Mother Earth."

Cassandra Jewel

"Nicola radiates pure light and you can feel it deeply when you connect with her crystal blue eyes. She is a beautiful angel and I am so deeply thankful for her guidance.
Nicola led me to the purest part of myself and that is within. With her guidance through her coaching sessions there is a complete freedom to truly listen to oneself. Nicola understands what you need in order to move forward and be free. Because of her guidance I healed in such a beautiful way. She helped me let go of what no longer served me, hear the truth and listen to the truth.
There is an undeniable peace during her shamanic sessions. Nicola leads you to a place of genuine love and understanding within yourself. She brings you back to your core being. I always felt absolutely amazing after the sessions physically and emotionally.
Thank you Nicola! So much love!"

Kim H.

"What a blessing to find and work with Nicola. She is an amazingly gifted Shaman, who has the ability to get to the root of your problems quickly. Her environment and aura are bright, positive and loving. A very safe space to open up to a higher level of therapy, and change the course of your life. She is extremely intuitive, and knows which invaluable tools will be useful for the enhancement of your life... books, visions and/or self loving mantras. If she does disagree with you, she will let you know in the kindest way, so don’t expect her to agree with things that have not previously worked for you. That is why you’re here, and she has an initial meeting to see if this will work...for both of you. My therapy with Nicola has totally changed my life, and I feel so blessed and thankful to have found her. I always felt like she genuinely cared about me, and was sincere in wanting to make this life and me better. I now feel clearer, lighter and more radiant of pure love than I have ever felt. I am most definitely healthier spiritually than I have ever been. I truly love her, and I am eternally grateful she is a part of my life."


"From the moment you meet Nicola, you know that great things are possible. Her positive energy, support, and guidance are invaluable. I have gained such insight that has not only impacted my life in such a positive way but those around me as well. It has been a truly amazing experience!"

Charlie Sweeny

"Nicola is amazing! She has a great way about her and really gets you to think about the “bigger picture”. After each session, I’d find my thinking to be much more expansive and my energy to be much lighter. I continue to practice all that she has taught me."

Jacqulyn Yassen

"Having Nicola enter my life has been a blessing. She has guided me in a difficult time in my life and gave me the strength to overcome my fears and move forward with confidence and a different mindset. She really gave me the tools to look within and to really help change my ways so I do not repeat the same lessons in life."


"I joined the Joyful You! program with Nicola because I lacked confidence in my creative abilities and was struggling with finances. The process helped me examine my beliefs about myself and my place in the world. As a result of the course, I was able to tap into a greater source of inspiration and totally change the way I create. I was able to take bigger risks and the results are paying off. I learned to value myself and take better care of myself financially. I learned to speak up for myself and 'show up'. My life has changed: I find more joy. I am rarely unhappy. I enjoy checking in with myself."

Stephenie Gobris

"Nicola gives you an eye-opening experience into areas you didn’t know needed to be healed. She helped me get through obstacles in my life that pushed me to move forward, and I highly recommend her!"

Marilyn Zagha-Keeshan

"I met Nicola at a healing circle and was immediately drawn to her loving light, without knowing anything about her. Since, I've worked with Nicola in Angel healing, Munay Ki, and in Shaman sessions, all of which helped me on my own journey and all amazing experiences. Nicola is loving, encouraging, and eager to share her gifts so we may discover our own. What a gift to us all!"


 "Choosing Nicola as a spiritual coach was one of the best decision I've made on my spiritual journey. I've been working with Nicola for 6 months now and have been making tremendous progress in healing. Nicola provides loving guidance through her coaching sessions and her shaman sessions provides clarity and deep energetic cleansing to support me in my journey. I always feel love, light and warmth after I leave one of her sessions. She really takes care of her clients! Nicola emphasizes on teaching her clients and giving them tools to be strong on their own. I am forever grateful to have met Nicola on my path."


New York Award Program Honors the Achievement of Self-Love Shaman & Joy Expert & Mentor - Nicola Fernandes

Press Release:

Self-Love Shaman & Joy Expert & Mentor - Nicola Fernandes Receives 2019 New York Award

NEW YORK October 4, 2019 --

Self-Love Shaman & Joy Expert & Mentor - Nicola Fernandes has been selected for the 2019 New York Award in the Life Coach category by the New York Award Program.

Read Full Press Release Here


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