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Love. Power. Wisdom.

You feel inner conflict or feel like something is missing. You are looking to create inner alignment so you can experience more joy in your live and fulfill your purpose for being as well as contribute to a peaceful world. You want to be your Best Self … yet you need guidance how.


You have tried many methods, yet your old patterns, behaviors and beliefs are still following you … and you don’t know how to reach that happiness in your heart that you are longing for. You have worked on yourself … yet you ask yourself, when will there be light in the tunnel?... You know it is possible … yet you do not know how. You should not think you are alone in the path to transformation. It can be easy.


This is where I come in. 

As a Spiritual Life Coach & Shaman, I support my clients creating breakthroughs to their Best Self, creating inner alignment and achieving their True Potential. Since 2004 I have been studying mysticism and practicing alternative healing methods. Working with higher guidance, changing old patterns and beliefs, empowering through individual tools and techniques I assist you and my clients in becoming the person they want to be, their True Self. I support you in taking action in pursuit of your goals and longings while dreaming big and being open to receive. I bring clarity, inner guidance and balance to people who are looking for healing, happiness and purpose in their path of life. What brings my clients freedom, confidence, peace and purpose is a path into the Realization of the Self. 

I bring out the magic in you and let you step in your power to bring out your true essence and with that align yourself with the life you came here for. I support you so that your life does not seem frustrating, anxiety provoking or daunting. 

I am a Master Shaman and Certified Transformational Coach as well as a Master Instructor for Integrated Energy Therapy. Additionally I studied Vedanta and Yoga in Sivananda, Non-Violent Communication and I am a Master Practitioner for NLP and Time Line Therapy. Let me help you learn better ways to handle the issues that are standing in the way of your fulfillment of life. What are you waiting for?

Working with people like you, who know there is something else to life, whose calling is to bring out their inner essence and fulfill their purpose - energizes me and empowers me to do the amazing work I do to support you in transforming you to your true value, power, truth, and alignment. What brings my clients freedom, confidence, peace and purpose is a path into the
Realization of the Self

Your transformation is my success. Step into it with me!