From fear, confusion & lack of trust

to living aligned with your HEART & SOUL



Here the initial questions my clients often have:
  • What is Shamanic Healing?
  • What happens in a session?
  • How does that apply to me?

What is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanic Healing is working with the invisible world. As a Shaman, we say 99% of the world is invisible and only 1% is visible. And so as a Shaman I start in the invisible world. We see that the spiritual is where the seed started growing, so we have to go back to that birthplace. This is, where something can shift, to bring you in balance and harmony or out of balance and harmony. Only after the spiritual work comes the mental, the emotional, and the physical. And so all those levels shift as long as we start in the spiritual realm, the unconscious realm.

As a Shaman we go upstream: Because where the river meets the sea, there the river is really strong and wide and it would be really difficult to change the flow of the river there. But if you go upstream, all the way up the mountains where the river is just a tiny tickle, there it's so easy to change the flow, right. You just put a stone in, and it changes its flow. And so that's what we want to do. That's what we want to do with all the things you would like to shift: with the thought patterns, the emotions, the blocks, all your issues that you bring into the sessions. 


What is the intention?

And so in every session, we work on the issues that you bring in to shift. I help you by reading your energy field. As a shaman, our intention is to bring you in the right relationship with you yourself, with your Higher Self, with Nature, with the Universe, with all your Relations, all the humans and the animals, all the sentient beings. There is the right relationship for you. And that's our goal. And so the biggest carrier for that is Spirit, Guides and Angels, and your Higher Self as well as Love: Love for yourself from yourself and from all the invisible world supporting you. All this is with us helping us in our work. So we carry that all on Love. That’s the miraculous realm I invite you to when we journey together...


So what happens in a session?

What happens in a session is we first talk and we see what's up for you. In advance, you get a whole welcome package where I get to know you better. And then Spirit always brings something special in the session because as soon as you sign up, Spirit actually brings things in your awareness that you had almost forgotten, yet that want to be healed. Something you remember maybe from elementary school or your young childhood that you hadn't remembered for years. And so you bring that into the session. And with me reading your energy field, we see how it unfolds in every session: There might be one issue we'll work on, there might be several issues, there might be an issue that we have to work on over several sessions. And so first we talk about it and see what comes up.


And then?

And then you lie down. You're either with me in person and lie on my massage table or you're on the phone and lie in your home on your bed or sofa. But it's really the same because energy is everywhere! And a lot of my clients actually like to stay at home because then they don't have to walk home after the session and can stay where they are and feel good in the energy of the session. Whichever one you choose I start working on you and we journey together. We travel through the mind. We might go to different places that are all treasures in your unconscious mind and waiting, waiting to be discovered and waiting for the light to be brought in. And so then we clear you. You see more when you go to my 9 step system. There's a whole system of bringing more clarity, bringing more clearing into your energy field and your emotions, bringing you in contact with your body, and bringing you in contact with your intuition and your guides.

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What is the benefit?

And then creating really that life that you want aligned with your heart and soul. Go to my 9 Step Self Love system so you see more of what we do over the different sessions. And so in each session, we clear you. We also practice for you to be really that inner healer for yourself because as we clear you, you learn more and more of this awareness and it's going to get easier and easier because you clear more and more. It's kind of like I teach you how to clear the fog off the windows. And while I teach you, we also do it. And so the more the fog is off, the more you remember how it looks like when the fog is off. So it's very easy to know when there's fog or not because you just know how to clear it. 


What do YOU need to do?

I am your guide and I am here to bring things up in you that need to be cleared. And they only can be cleared if you are also fully on board because, in the end, it's your healing. Nobody can do for anybody else the healing. All I can do is be your guide, support you, teach you, and show you. And you have to decide you want the uplift, transformation, and treasures that are available for you. So you need to know, if this is right for you, if you say, “wow, I want to have healed I'm fully on board. I want to do whatever it takes. As long as I'm in this sacred space, I'm held in love and I know, I know it's going to get better and better.” Even that, sometimes, there might be a boulder that we just have to look at and see what it, what, what is, what is the learning, what does it tell us? Where do we go from here? Are you up for that?


How do I know this is right for me?

If you're ready to have a guide going up the mountain with you and you want big personal growth in your life. It’s similar to you wanting to hike a mountain that’s not an easy hike for you. And if you have a guide, if you have the right guidance and you know, somebody is going to teach you where the water is, where you can get food, what the best path is, what the right equipment is, how to prepare for rain, then you know, that every time you go, you learn more and more … until you finally can go up by yourself! And some people need longer and some people need shorter and some people have more to clear and some people have less to clear. Yet I can tell you from my own experience, over all these years I always had a guide with me because life is just so much easier when you have someone who actually looks all around you and sees what's going on … because you often only see what you want to see. A lot stays hidden like you can not look at your front and back at the same time. And it is so good to have someone supporting you in training your internal vision, so you actually can look all around.


Why it is so great to have a guide on your side?

Right? And so it's so cool to have somebody with you who is intuitive, who is on a higher vibration. And that's the other teaching we have: Einstein said, we can only clear problems by being in a higher consciousness than were they got initially created. Problems can’t be cleared in the same level of consciousness that they got first created. We need to raise consciousness to clear them. And that's what we do as Shamans. 


What’s my next step?

I'm very excited to have a free clarity call with you or to really see if we are a fit and what is it for you that would help you getting up the mountain with ease, growing how you were meant to grow. Connecting to your Soul and healing your heart. What’s your next step. What is it for you to become the one you are here to be? To really let go of all this fear and the ‘not good enough’, that’s all not you. Become this radiant, shining light and live life on your terms. Click the button for a clarity call and we find out more.


Many blessings. Xoxo, Nicola

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What my clients are saying...

Nicola helped me through a very challenging physical, mental and emotional time with spiritual medicine. Through it I realized who I was, finding me, seeing, feeling, connecting to my strength. I did all that in a very short amount of time, less than a year. That comes from surrounding yourself with people who have spiritual strength.

Now I am one strong woman, being through what I went through and coming out on the other side. And I am wiser, stronger and more vulnerable than I was before. And my 5 year also thanks Nicola, we are a team now, she is the first person I ask. So thank you so much. I could not have done it without you.

Geri Massott

What a blessing to find and work with Nicola. She is an amazingly gifted Shaman, who has the ability to get to the root of your problems quickly. Her environment and aura are bright, positive and loving. A very safe space to open up to a higher level of therapy, and change the course of your life. She is extremely intuitive, and knows which invaluable tools will be useful for the enhancement of your life... books, visions and/or self loving mantras. If she does disagree with you, she will let you know in the kindest way, so don’t expect her to agree with things that have not previously worked for you. That is why you’re here, and she has an initial meeting to see if this will work...for both of you. My therapy with Nicola has totally changed my life, and I feel so blessed and thankful to have found her. I always felt like she genuinely cared about me, and was sincere in wanting to make this life and me better. I now feel clearer, lighter and more radiant of pure love than I have ever felt. I am most definitely healthier spiritually than I have ever been. I truly love her, and I am eternally grateful she is a part of my life.

Kim H.

Nicola radiates pure light and you can feel it deeply when you connect with her crystal blue eyes. She is a beautiful angel and I am so deeply thankful for her guidance.
Nicola led me to the purest part of myself and that is within. With her guidance through her coaching sessions there is a complete freedom to truly listen to oneself. Nicola understands what you need in order to move forward and be free. Because of her guidance I healed in such a beautiful way. She helped me let go of what no longer served me, hear the truth and listen to the truth.
There is an undeniable peace during her shamanic sessions. Nicola leads you to a place of genuine love and understanding within yourself. She brings you back to your core being. I always felt absolutely amazing after the sessions physically and emotionally.
Thank you Nicola! So much love!

Cassandra Jewel