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Taste of Joyful You 2.0

Start your Journey to Your Future!

A taste of the Joyful You 2.0 program. Over the next 2 days you will gain access to a an intro and journey to the future.

A taste of whats possible for you!
To the most Joyful You.

Many Blessings, Nicola

What People Are Saying:

Before Nicola’s program I had stress with the daily tasks, financial and health issues. And Old stories did not allow me to move forward. Since joining the program with Nicola I feel more joyful, seeing opportunities of how the future could be. I also have no need to struggle and fight with money issues. I am connected to the spiritual world and feel supported and protected. Old stories have been released and goals for the future selected. Through the program with Nicola I got help from the spiritual world, I released my fear about health, money and the future. Also my intuition and connection to the spiritual world and higher self did improve. My biggest learning was that there is no need to stay in fear or to fight, that the spiritual world will guide me and that I decide my future. Since starting with Nicola I was able to release my old stories, be free for new decisions and make Money my partner. I really enjoyed Nicola’s journeys and teachings, the move on timeline, calling in guides, learning & experiencing the shaman praxis with elements from different cultures that she used in a way that’s easy to follow. I got joy and lightness in my life, and developed a process of creation and manifesting.


Before working with Nicola I was in a pattern of depression, anger, and resentment and just making it through the day. I was feeling like life happened to me and I was just along for the ride as a bystander in my own life wanting to change and heal but stuck in a cycle of sabotage. The tangible result I have achieved working with Nicola is that I have lasting patience. I am more joyful. I have been able to overcome personal hurdles that I've been struggling with for over 15 years. I go to bed and wake up with more peace. The hustle and frantic go-go-go doesn't have a place with me anymore and I'm still able to be productive while remaining calm and centered. I know that every day can be a good day. I'm learning to let go of the rules or the box of how to raise a child and I'm letting my son decide the day and our days are so awesome now. Working with Nicola has changed so many things for me. I'm able to finally see that I'm in control of my own life. I can change the lens through which I view life every day. To look at the surface of my motivation for change is my two-year-old son. I wanted to be a role model for him deeper than that I realized I needed a change to honor myself to feed my soul and to reflect on who I am authentic because as honorable as it is to want to change for the better for my son's well-being and development, lasting progress happens when we decide for ourselves that we are worth it, that we deserve it and it's within our own power. I needed to understand and learn that I am worth it, that I deserve it and I can do it. My biggest insights and learning are that you get what you focus on, the invisible world and spirit are all around us all the time and want to help us all we have to do is ask and that my body is a temple and divine energy is within me as me. My biggest win starting with Nicola is dropping my anger and being involved in the weaving of the Divine tapestry that is my life. Nicola is so full of love and support always and only. This process for me has been up and down and even in my worst moments Nicola is supportive, continuously telling me how great I am doing and how far I've come, reminding me to focus on the positive, I can do it, I'm capable of anything. And her support is so genuine and authentic that it touches your heart you believe her and when she believes in you you believe in yourself!

Valerie H

Before Nicola’s program I was feeling disconnected and had a general sense of blah. During my time with Nicola I achieved to be​ more connected to my spiritual essence without even knowing it. Things are happening around me that are just unexplainable. I feel a sense of calm- er. I learned to sink into a state of calm, have less fear of growing my business, and being okay with where I am. I most enjoy her love.

Angel P

Over this time my life has totally transformed. I am definitely a much happier person and way more connected. That is really just the broad impact, there is so much more!! I am more at peace and also more conscious of when I am in the flow and in a space of allowing. Gratitude has been a big thing for sure. I am powerful, I am expansive, I am love and light. I wake up and am grateful for a new day. I continue to grow and expand beyond what I could even imagine. Nicola is an amazing person. She is sooooo patient and supportive and really holds you in a positive space. Even better is she shows you how to hold yourself in that space so that whatever you learn and touch upon during your session you can then incorporate into your way of being. Her process is gentle, she is always there for you and she will always be your number one cheerleader.