10x4 Ways to connect with your Soul today

receive the 4 video Integrations

Inside discover:

  • how to connect and live from your Authentic Self
  • how to deal with the current challenges, if you are looking to go deeper
  • my commitment to you to do this connection live as a group and increase your daily happiness 
  • after these 4 videos you're a different person: with more clarity, more at ease & more trusting yourself

Hi, I'm Nicola.

For many years I've been supporting those called to live their Authentic Self to step up, to find alignment with their heart & soul. My clients know something inside has to shift to get the clarity, trust and purposeful living they are looking for. As a Master Shaman, Certified Transformational Coach, Master Practitioner for NLP as well as Angel Healing & Hypnosis Expert I guide their transformation. 

I made myself wrong for years thinking I should be happy and know my direction. And when I went through my own 9 Step Process of “Me validating Me, Me seeing Me, Me mothering Me, Me being there for Me” that’s actually when everything opened up for me to Joy, Trust and Direction. It’s my great honor and personal obsession to share this message with you and why those from around the world continue to be on this journey with me: Connect to your Heart & Soul and you get clarity and direction in your path of life!


From the moment you meet Nicola you know that great things are possible. Her positive energy, support and guidance are invaluable. I have gained such insight that has not only impacted my life in such a positive way, but those around me as well. It has been a truly amazing experience!

Jacqulyn Yassen

Having Nicola enter my life has been a blessing. She has guided me in a difficult time in my life and gave me the strength to overcome my fears and move forward with a confidence and a different mind set. She really gave me the tools to look within and to really help change my ways so I do not repeat the same lessons in life.

Judith Halbreich

Nicola is the example of divine love. She is present, very perceptive and intuitive which makes my transformation an easier process and her direction adds depth to my other spiritual practice. Love her.