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How to Dance as a Spiritual Master

Uncategorized Nov 10, 2021
Have you ever thought:
How do I do this life?
How do I know what to focus on when?
When to let go?
When to give gas?
When to be vulnerable?
When to be brave and gutsy?
You know I have spent so many years, so many countless hours, workshops, seminars, trainings to filter out how to, in the shortest amount of time, really shift, transform, reach Alchemical Mastery. And in that process I definitely became a different person and I have so many downloads and I know very clearly what needs to be done.
Yet, what I've seen is, it's a dance. It's a dance between the computerized version where our body, our mind is a computer and you can shift in a very short amount of time things.
And at the same time that person needing a little bit to grow into it. It's kind of like upgrading your phone and skipping the different stages. It has to get used to it. And how do we get used to it? By letting go that, besides reprogramming...
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Embracing Fear

fear letting go openness Apr 06, 2021

I have a surprise for you.

It's something you may know already.

Maybe, it's just a reminder for you.

Or maybe you've just never seen it in this manifestation before.

If you ever wondered how fear looks like, I have an example for you. Hopefully, it will make you laugh, relax, and breathe deep.

The Truth About Fear

A few years ago, a huge tree fell on our land, and honestly, it was one of the biggest trees in our whole land here. As you can see in the picture below, it’s at least 3 to 4 times the width of me.

It was crazy but it was also a sign. I just had to figure out the message.

As I walked by there last week I realized...

"This is what fear looks like!"

Can you see it in the picture?

When you initially look at the tree, it just looks huge. But then as we look upwards, we can see where this big tree broke. It was completely hollowed out.

This is what fear is!!!

It looks big. It looks tremendous. It looks scary. But what we can't see at first glance is that it's broken up...

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Stepping Into Joy

discovery joy letting go Mar 11, 2021

You know, for the longest time I had this fear. I didn't really know what that fear was about because everything I could control I would control yet there was still Then one day it hit me.

I realized it was actually a fear of...*drumroll please*...LIFE!


It was so much easier for me to go in my mind than to be IN my life.

Can you relate?

Discovering Ourselves

What I found was the biggest healing tool for me was to focus on something different. Instead of always walking away from that fear, I started walking towards what I really wanted. But then I got to thinking. What is it we really want?

On our highest level of self?

Of course, we want abundance. Of course, we want to have incredible relationships.

But why?

What does that give us?

What does that give YOU?

The answer I found?

JOY. It gives us JOY.

Joy to be here.

Joy to be in that love of yourself.

Joy to be IN life and soak up all the moments, big and small!

Of course, it seems like a no-brainer yet it's something...

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