As light workers in this world, as the miracle workers, as the healers, we live to serve others. We really want to make heaven on earth. We want to make it a better place.

By doing this work to help others and guide them, we develop an inner pride because we are making a difference and that pride creates that deep confidence in ourselves.

We heal ourselves because we become clear. We become certain. We trust our message. We trust our path.

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a free guided training course that will bring us together to explore the timelines of the Earth and help you decide who you want to be.

As a collective, we can change the world and as we heal the outside, we heal the inside.

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Where do I begin? To meet this amazing soul has truly transformed my life in such little time. At a time when I thought everything was impossible and felt completely down in the depths of darkness, I somehow was led to Nicola. What was a Shaman? Who is a Shaman? I had not a clue (LOL)…but knew that she was placed in my life for a reason. Skepticism overtook me in the beginning, but she amazed me every time I silently questioned how our sessions would be or what she could teach me. I know when working with Nicola everyone’s journey will be unique to them, but I will say with Nicola in your life you will feel that unstoppable feeling you never thought was possible for you. I could go on and on about my time with her, so for now, just know I am finally excited about life again with a toolbelt full of brand-new tools to forge ahead. Blessed!!!


Self love: Nicola has been guiding me through it, assuring me that, really, there is really no other way.  Intellectually, I became clearer about the concept, grew more confident that it was at reach. And then it clicked, I felt it so deeply in my core. In my heart there is now so much love and space. I feel Joy and Peace! I remind myself that It is a practice, not a finish line and thanks to Nicola I have my tools to help me grow.

For many years I have been helping big-hearted, ambitious women & lightworkers to drop their fears and need for external validation, and to live a life of spiritual alignment, deep Self-Love, and soul-led manifesting.

I made myself wrong for years thinking I should be happy. And when I went through my own 9 Step Process of “Me seeing Me, mothering Me, being there for Me” that’s actually what opened everything up for me: Make the world a better place, you, me, together through healing the heart & following the soul's guidance.

My wisdom as a Master Shaman, Certified Transformational Coach, Master Practitioner & Trainer for NLP as well as Angel Healing & Hypnosis Trainer guide this transformation & elevation.

It's my mission to guide those called to Master the Art of Self-Love so they can elevate to their true radiance, confidence, inner clarity and natural abundance in 2022 while their life gets better and better. Are you in? Self-Love is the ultimate Secret!

Many Blessings, Nicola