The New Paradigm of Money Loves You is here and it will rock your world.

So much has shifted within me. And I am excited to share with you the new wealth I have downloaded.

These money codes are going to TRANSFORM your relationship with money..


✨✨You will align with greater wealth

✨✨You will receive more

✨✨You will open up to unexpected sums of money 


I’ve never done this before…Money Loves you is a 5 Week Program that includes 5 live zoom calls with me to deepen into these advanced teachings and downloads.

Here’s what you need to know -> this course is about creating a life of abundance .. and changing your money story is that easy!


-> money is the representative for us to let more abundance and love in on all the levels


-> master your relationship with money, open up to allowing more wealth into your life

-> how money allows us to practice letting love in, money is our teacher for all relationships in love


-> raise your financial alignment level - receive the teachings that the great masters have coded in money


I am here to show you how to raise your energy to that of wealth and finally allow money to flow into your life with ease


Before the course I was very doubtful of myself.

Through the Money Loves You course I have more clients for my real estate business. I also have control over what my mind tends to believe about money.

I learned a lot through the eye gazing, the coming within myself, and had great insights in releasing limiting beliefs.

My biggest win through the course was more money and clients coming into my life.

-Christopher Rebetti

This course seemed like such a wonderful opportunity to touch further on some things we had touched upon in a previous class. I was so happy that you presented the opportunity and didn't have to think twice to take it!

This course is deep and I still feel like there is so much more to be learned. I did see how easy it can be when you are in flow with money, but it is really way beyond money. Money may be the conduit that moves us forward in some ways, but it is more a messenger for the bigger picture.

I have seen my relationship with money develop over time. There is knowing now that I didn't possess before.

My biggest win through the course was

  1. make money your friend and teacher,

  2. live your life grand and free,

  3. there really are no limits other than those we have have self imposed and which we can break free from. It is all there for us!!

I have learned new tools to release what no longer serves me.

The money game, eye gazing, seeing what is beyond the fear and self imposed limits and connecting more with that future self and all that you know to be true.


Below you find all the details about me, yet to make one thing clear what's most important to me: 


💖 Be love

💖 See love

💖 Create love

💖 Live love

And so when for this course money came in and said ‘hey, I am full of love, too’… I had to stop and listen.

For a while, I was hesitant - a money course?

Money kept on insisting: What if we bring money with love .. what if everyone learns that love is everywhere … what if everyone hears what I am really here for?!

And so my dear, Money loves you … are you listening? Was born.

This is the very first time I am teaching, channeling, and guiding the energy of money over 5 modules in a group.

I am so excited for you what's in store for you, this is a no-brainer, your life will never be the same.

Excited to see you inside, Love Nicola


Nicola Fernandes is a speaker, life coach, and shaman, who has worked with clients from all over the world, to help them become their most authentic selves. For more than 10 years Nicola has been helping people move from self-sabotage, fear & doubt to building self-worth, self-love, and success. 

As a Master Shaman, Nicola specializes in shamanic healing to spiritually and energetically restore clients from the inside out. Using her Wholeness Mastery Method, she supports her clients to get re-connected with themselves & spirit - finally falling in love with who they truly are and fulfilling their dreams with joy. As a Healing Expert, she works with clients to help them drop the fear, disconnection, and need for external validation so they can live a life of spiritual alignment, deep self-love, and soul-led manifesting. Her mission is to elevate others to the next level of wisdom, true radiance & inner clarity. Nicola teaches clients how to utilize the same techniques at home to transform their lives, creating a better, kinder future, not just for themselves but also for their communities and the world at large. 

As a trainer in NLP & Hypnosis, Nicola is a leader in her field, educating and empowering other experts to help them best serve their clients. She has won several awards for her work.

What you need to know:

This course is about abundance .. and that it is that easy!

 Money as the representative for us to let abundance, and even more: actually love in, on all the levels

 Money for us as a practice to open up, get clear and step up to be the Master we came here to be

 What if money is for us to practice letting love in, money as our teacher for all relationships in love

 What if you all let life in as you receive the teachings that the great masters have coded in money

I am here to show you how to stay up undistracted by all the lower energies, surround yourself with higher energies!
Self Love is allowing abundance, being proud of abundance, like nature, showing it with an understanding that this is part of you, you are an unlimited being!


Here is what this brand new course combining Love with Money entails, truly channeled & Divinely guided, your life will never be the same after these:


Our 1st of 5 live modules is on Wednesday, May 10th, 2023 @ 11am EST (dates for modules 2-5: 5/17, 5/24, 5/31 & 6/7/23).

For this Money Loves You! channeled and guided course we will connect to the energy of Money through live zoom activations, higher dimensional connections, and guided meditations as we download the messages to create abundance and miracles as a way of life.

As we explore the love relationship that is available with money, besides the messages that money wants to share with us as a group, I will share some key nuggets with you in the work with money, that might just blow your mind (at least they blew mine when I heard them!). 

I will take you on a deep journey into subconscious money beliefs and behaviors, to upgrade your money reality. In addition to the live zoom session, replays are available all of 2023! So the whole year you can dive back into what was channeled and get back into the energy of having money as your most amazing partner!


"Nicola is an amazing coach. She never fails to tune in right to the places where I am stuck and helps me uncover new and empowered ways to look at my problems. I have been able to make some very helpful changes in my life and to feel hopeful about challenging areas where I thought I could not find happiness, success, or contentment. She is warm, smart, and strong. She asks questions that are relevant and that challenge me - so that I begin to see my life in new, fresh ways. She is comfortable with my emotions and helps me stay on track until I have come to a better, stronger place. I feel lucky to have found Nicola. I feel that she really cares about me and also that she has the skill and tools to help me move forward. I hope to be working with her for many sessions to come.”


"Nicola has been a gift in my life journey from the moment I called her in tears to this present day as she is always consistently expressing love, healing, inspired upliftment, cleansing joy, and radiating with an earnest heart. Throughout our sessions together, she has incorporated her multimodal training and in-depth knowledge of Shamanic therapy, angel healing, soul retrieval, timeline practices, alignment of the chakras, removal of energies that don´t serve me anymore, and life coaching. These awakenings are only touching the surface of her transformational and beautiful work."


"When my mother passed away suddenly, I didn't know how I would make sense of it all and move forward. I was angry, I was confused. The source lead me to Nicola. Nicola connected with my soul to soul saw my pain and saw me. I am healing and pursuing my soul's purpose. I owe part of my newfound sense of self-love and power to her. She held my hand while I discovered me.... Source....and Unconditional love for self. Thank you, Nicola. I am eternally grateful."


"I have used Nicola for Self Exploration, Angel Healing, and TimeLine Services. Her extensive training in multiple mediums makes her remarkably powerful as a coach, healer, and teacher. Through her, I have been able to release the emotions attached to old wounds, find balance and harmony and acquire tools to use to deepen my own spiritual practice. I look forward to our continued work together."

Money Loves You

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