The 9 Step Self Love System:

The Secret to Happiness from the inside out

  • access and elevate your Self Love and Self Worth, so you will never say again "but I should be happy"

  • get the key to Happiness every moment, so you know what to do

  •  feel & know: "My life is truly amazing!", so you can live your purpose easy & effortless

  • open up the connection to yourself that leads to peace & fulfillment

These are the keys to Self Loving your way into a life & business you love.

Ready to connect to unwavering faith in Your Self Love and Self Worth, ​so you can experience life with ease and truly connected to your Happiness every moment?

Look I love to work together with you individually. This 9 Step Self Love System is very personal to me, it’s a process that I worked through and part of accessing Happiness and Self Love is getting yourself the support that you need. And so click here where you can sign up to get a free discovery call with me, it’s gonna be Me and You one on one where we are gonna take a look at what’s going on in your business, where you are lacking happiness and Self Love and what needs to happen to get you on track, that’s what we’ll explore, if it’s right for us to work together. This discovery session is completely free.


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Video Transcript: 

Hello, Dear Ones,

my name is Nicola Fernandes and I'm so honored to welcome you to my 9 Step Self Love System. Something that's very dear to my heart, that I worked a lot on, worked through myself and I'm so excited, what I normally do with my 1:1 clients, to share here with you in these steps. It's really for me the Secret to Happiness, from the inside out mind, when I discovered that, I knew what happiness was. Look, I made myself wrong. For years I always thought I should be happy. I have everything. Why am I not happy? And even that I have a long path of spiritual seeking, seminars, working on myself, having my own business, having a great family, I only realized true Happiness lies in Self Love. And when I opened up to that, when I opened up to me, validating me, me being there for me, me loving me, me mothering me, me seeing me, me just comparing to myself, what's good for me is the right thing ….


That's when everything opened up. I now realized that's where my happiness, my fulfillment, my peace is. And so I went through this process, this 9 Step Process. I took a lot of of my clients through that process and I know it works. It's miraculous. And ..., it's really, I think, the essence. The essence of life because if you, if you are not happy, what is life about? There's nothing else. So I'm really honored to share it with you. As I have been working with so many clients on it and you can, you know, obviously read on all the testimonials: It works! 


So here is my 9 Step Self Love System to Happiness from the inside out: 


First step, clearing the old energies of your self worth and the limiting beliefs especially about receiving money. Money's such a great teacher. So if we do it on money, it triggers down through everything else, that is just awesome. 


Step two, identify and clear the core negative programming about being visible and update your neuropathways to reframe your position in your life and in your industry. So important, so important: The neuropathways. And it's so cool, what happens when we reframe that! 


Step three, once we reframed all that, we integrate and embody the new beliefs about your ability to be successful in your life and business right now, right in that moment. That's what's important. That’s step three


And in step four we connect you from that place then to a higher vibration and in that higher vibration you experience wealth consciousness and you get aligned to a level of wealth consciousness. You get aligned to your heart and your soul. It's a different kind of wealth consciousness. It's whole. 


And step five, in step five, you learn to connect to your own body wisdom, the first step to intuition and you'll learn to set boundaries, to step in your power with your loved ones and also to attract the right clients. It's really cool. 


Step six is the step to master your intuition. We get guidance and practice making great decisions based on your intuition to up level your life and business with happiness and joy. Doesn't that sound great: Living your life and business with happiness and joy. It's so exciting! And every time, I feel like sometimes I'm more excited than anybody around me because it's such a gift to bring that to all my clients. It's such a gift to see it. 


Step seven, connect to your Inner Source in order to own your power and your worth, here is the Self Worth again, to own Your Power and Your Self Worth in your life and in your business unapologetically. How does that sound? It's all about you ... and your heart and soul. And therefore it's in the end, it’s not just about happiness for you, it's happiness for everyone, because if you are happy, everyone else is pleased. 


So next one, step eight: Create fulfillment and embody the most joyful vision of your future. 

This is profound because once you experience something in your body, in your mind, in your spirit ones, you can always go back there. So we do that and yes, it's just miraculous. 


Step nine is really from Awakening to Mastery. We practice living that life that you desire ... in your business and altogether. 


And that's my gift to you. Isn't that cool? Isn’t it cool to really live from that Happiness place that doesn't depend on anything else, just you and your heart and your soul and your Self Love.


 Obviously there's some stuff to let go, but you're ready for it! 


So listen, these are the keys to Self Love that I see for a successful life and business. Every, every business and life has at its core this Self Love because if you don't have Self Love, everybody around you notices it and that's what you radiate and that's what you get back from your clients, from your friends, from your loved ones. 


Though the very first step for Self Love is receiving, making a commitment that you need support. In a discovery call we can look at what's really lacking: What's lacking in your happiness, what's lacking to manifest what you want in life. Where is the self love that needs to support all that. 


And so look, I work normally with people individually. This 9 Step System is very personal to me. It's such an honor to share it and bring it really out there so everybody knows how to do this. So sign up for a free discovery call with me. It's gonna be me and you just 1:1 talking. What would serve you best, if we are the right fit together, if we could work together. The discovery session is completely free and we can evaluate where you are and how to get to that Self Love that you so deserve. Click right now on the discovery call, and I'm looking forward to talking to you. Many, many blessings.

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Nicola helped me through a very challenging physical, mental and emotional time with spiritual medicine. Through it I realized who I was, finding me, seeing, feeling, connecting to my strength. I did all that in a very short amount of time, less than a year. That comes from surrounding yourself with people who have spiritual strength.

Now I am one strong woman, being through what I went through and coming out on the other side. And I am wiser, stronger and more vulnerable than I was before. And my 5 year also thanks Nicola, we are a team now, she is the first person I ask. So thank you so much. I could not have done it without you.

Geri Massott

What a blessing to find and work with Nicola. She is an amazingly gifted Shaman, who has the ability to get to the root of your problems quickly. Her environment and aura are bright, positive and loving. A very safe space to open up to a higher level of therapy, and change the course of your life. She is extremely intuitive, and knows which invaluable tools will be useful for the enhancement of your life... books, visions and/or self loving mantras. If she does disagree with you, she will let you know in the kindest way, so don’t expect her to agree with things that have not previously worked for you. That is why you’re here, and she has an initial meeting to see if this will work...for both of you. My therapy with Nicola has totally changed my life, and I feel so blessed and thankful to have found her. I always felt like she genuinely cared about me, and was sincere in wanting to make this life and me better. I now feel clearer, lighter and more radiant of pure love than I have ever felt. I am most definitely healthier spiritually than I have ever been. I truly love her, and I am eternally grateful she is a part of my life.

Kim H.

Nicola radiates pure light and you can feel it deeply when you connect with her crystal blue eyes. She is a beautiful angel and I am so deeply thankful for her guidance.
Nicola led me to the purest part of myself and that is within. With her guidance through her coaching sessions there is a complete freedom to truly listen to oneself. Nicola understands what you need in order to move forward and be free. Because of her guidance I healed in such a beautiful way. She helped me let go of what no longer served me, hear the truth and listen to the truth.
There is an undeniable peace during her shamanic sessions. Nicola leads you to a place of genuine love and understanding within yourself. She brings you back to your core being. I always felt absolutely amazing after the sessions physically and emotionally.
Thank you Nicola! So much love!

Cassandra Jewel