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Open to your Inner Light

7 Steps to Connect & Heal with your Angels

It is time my Dear Soul Sisters, 
let’s connect with the heavenly Angels to clear, tune in and connect to the highest Self we came here for. With the guidance of the energy of the Angels we can immerse ourselves into the Loving Energy that is available right now on the planet. Learn to connect to that Love and by doing so every day lift yourself and the planet into a higher vibration. Are you ready to do the work we are called to do at this time?
Heavenly Angels always helped me and showed me the way, and I want the same for you. 
Join me in this 7 day free series, so you can connect to your Angels, get ‘the issues out of your tissues’ and transform your life and this planet! Life will never be the same, I invite you to come on board and embrace the changes through the Angels’ support and connection.
Free Live Masterclass Series With 
Self Love Coach & Mentor, Nicola Fernandes

7 sessions starting Wed 4/1 (through Thu 4/9/20), every weekday @ 1pm EST

I'm Ready!

Here the 7 Steps to Opening to your Inner Light:

Step 1: Create a Heartlink with your Angels
Step 2: Activate your 12 Strand DNA
Step 3: Clearing your Karma with the Energy of the Angels
Step 4: The Forgiveness Process
Step 5: Empowered Heart Process -> find your purpose
Step 6: The Freedom Process
Step 7: Future Life Progression
I'm Ready!

"‘This class is not just a different-deeper way of feeling. It’s a way of being that accompanies me in my life.” "

Marilyn Zagha-Keeshan
Brooklyn, NY

"“Nicola is an extraordinary teacher and presence - her guidance and explanations provided a wonderful spring board for my own spiritual and emotional growth.”"

Isabelle Freda
New York, NY