Your Shamanic Soul Journey - Healing & Ceremonies

Join us Tuesday @1pm EDT for the Healing & Clearing Circle to get ready for this New Earth and live in the 5th Dimension, where we will

- clear mass fear
- upgrade your energy field & protection
- clear your living & office space
- upgrade your immune system
- transition into the 5th dimension
- and disconnect you from not beneficial energies around you

so you find the Real You that is ready for this new Time on Earth in Harmony & Balance, Joy & Connection to your True Self.

Looking forward walking with you this path of Beauty.

Love, Nicola

Join our healing circle

Tuesday 1PM ET on Zoom: Energy Clearing

"Nicola Fernandes is a real healer's healer. She brings a crystal clear, heart centered energy to the transformational work she does as a coach and shaman."

Hi, I'm Nicola.

For many years I've been a Guide on the Soul's Journey by healing the heart and awakening the healer within. My wisdom as a Master Shaman, Certified Transformational Coach, Master Practitioner for NLP as well as Angel Healing & Hypnosis Expert guides this transformation.

I made myself wrong for years thinking I should be happy. And when I went through my own 9 Step Process of “Me seeing Me, mothering Me, being there for Me” that’s actually what opened everything up for me: Make the world a better place, you, me, together through healing the heart.

It’s my mission to heal - at this time of great change, heal & bring this New Earth into your Soul's Journey with Harmony, Balance, Joy and connection to your True Self. 

My mission is to bring 1 million women & healers back to themselves, their true radiance & abundance in 2020, are you in?

Many Blessings, Nicola