The 5 Fundamentals to

Drop the FEAR -Masterclass [FREE]

- What is possible without being fearful - being frozen?

- If you tried before to let it go .. yet it's still not working ... this will totally shift you!

- Learn the 5 totally fundamental & essential tools!

This is only for you, if you are so fed up with being in fear that you're ready to truly learn how to drop it!

Truly learn here how to drop your FEAR and claim the life you want to live.

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Drop the FEAR

FREE Masterclass (Wednesday 4/7 @ 1pm EST)

"Nicola is truly a healer. She has touched my life in a profound way. Her connection to Spirit brings great wisdom and truth. Through her work, I have come into alignment. I am filled with gratitude."

Misa Hylton
Hi, I'm Shaman Nicola.

For many years I am helping big hearted, ambitious women to drop their fears and need for external validation, and to live a life of spiritual alignment, deep Self-Love, and soul-led manifesting. 


As a Shaman & Self-Love Coach I am guiding women to fall in Love with themselves. Often women lose themselves between family & children, career & business. So many women know something is missing in their lives to be truly happy. They know what is missing is Self-Love, yet they don’t know how to get there. My clients expand & uplevel to claim their Joy, feel Divine inner Love, and align themselves with their own abundance & confidence.


It's my mission to elevate 1000 women & healers to the next level of wisdom, true radiance, inner clarity & success for 2021. Are you in?

Many Blessings from Nicola