Claim your Superpower: Celebrate your Heart

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"Nicola Fernandes is a real healer's healer. She brings a crystal clear, heart centered energy to the transformational work she does as a coach and shaman."


Hi, I'm Nicola.

For many years I've been a Guide on the Soul's Journey by healing the heart and awakening the healer within. My wisdom as a Master Shaman, Certified Transformational Coach, Master Practitioner for NLP as well as Angel Healing & Hypnosis Expert guides this transformation.

I made myself wrong for years thinking I should be happy. And when I went through my own 9 Step Process of “Me seeing Me, mothering Me, being there for Me” that’s actually what opened everything up for me: Make the world a better place, you, me, together through healing the heart.

It’s my mission to heal - at this time of great change, heal & bring this New Earth into your Soul's Journey with Harmony, Balance, Joy and connection to your True Self. 


It's my mission to guide those called to Master the Art of Self-Love so they can elevate to their true radiance, confidence, inner clarity and natural abundance in 2022 while their life gets better and better. Are you in? Self-Love is the ultimate Secret!

Many Blessings, Nicola