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6 months package


Results: Become Your Best Self with direction and clarity in your path of life.


  • A loving container of support to hold you through these 5 months through a cycle of growth, healing and awakening.

  • With a Master Shaman on your side you will be gently guided though a proven process that is guaranteed to support you in releasing fears, pain, disappointment and guilt of the past.

  • Learn to open new doors to your ideal life and step into your power to inspire others.

  • Commitment to not only improve your life but take your evolution to the next level of expansion, freedom and love.

  • Learn to life an irresistible life filled with Meaning and Love.

  • Are you ready to transform your life? Then grab this package now!


1 ‘Setting goals and planning the future you want to have’ session (60 min video call)

6 Master Shaman sessions in person or video (1 per months, 75-90 min each)

specifically:   1 Clearing and Balancing of Your Energy with Tarot Card Reading,

                        1 Past Trauma Healing (Underworld Extraction)

                        1 Step into Wholeness Healing (Soul Retrieval)

                        1 Time Line Healing-many past events won’t be the same after that!

                        1 ‘Reach for your future Healing’ (Destiny Retrieval)

                        1 ‘Get Your own answers’ Shamanic Journey session

6 ‘Get past your blocks & Step in your power’ Intuitive Coaching sessions per video or phone  (6 x 60-75 min)

2 15-minute energetic & remote tune up “I need help now” sessions

e-mail support for questions & encouragement

energetic support through your connection to a Master Shaman


3 Special 21 day meditations

Personal tailored mind exercise to support the ‘Shift in your Thinking’


Joanna, NY

Karen Erickson

Nicola's intuitive and healing gifts are powerful! She gently guided me through a difficult challenge with a new perspective of strength and courage. Thank you, Nicola!!!

Coaching Shaman has been one of the most fantastic experiences that I have had. The amount of evolution I experienced has been unlike any other. When I first met Nicola I was down on myself, not knowing how to manage my own thoughts. Through our work I  learned an insane amount and I've become stronger and I look forward to continuing doing that.

Nicola Fernandes is a real healer's healer. She brings a crystal clear, heart centered energy to the transformational work she does as a coach and shaman. I have referred many of my patients to her, to rave reviews.